Caves of Chaos 4
You give gold, you go.

Returning to the caves, again.

Goblins caves – empty and looted.
Hobgoblin caves – empty, mostly looted. Armory full of arms and armor (average quality)
Orc tossed out of cave entrance.
Minotaurs like Beer.
Red-robed zombies (and a couple that aren’t zombies yet).
Severed head in a bag (not to be mistaken for the band)
Bedroom – conviently located next to the torture chamber….

Caves of Chaos 3
Stolen money? What stolen money?

Return to the caves, yet again.

Orcs attacking caravan, led by red-robed human.
More goblins and some hobgoblins.
Hobgoblin Chieftan.

Caves of Chaos 2
Won't anyone think of the (hobgoblin) children?

Return to the caves.

Goblins, Hobgoblins.

The Caves of Chaos
Ogre fall down....

First foray into the caves:

Goblins and Ogre.


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