Stark, Captain of the Guard

A stout middle-aged man with black hair, black eyes, pale skin and s thin mustache.


Stark is a middle-aged man with black hair, black eyes, pale skin, and sports a thin mustache and beard. His eyes are dark and piercing and he always moves with confidence and purpose. Stark holds the protection of the keep very dear and makes its protection his personal responsibility. Stark introduces himself to any PCs he does not know, gives a brief tour of the outer keep, and lists the rules.


Stark was elevated to the captain’s post for his skill in siegecraft and engineering. He is responsible for maintaining the catapults and ballistae that protect the keep. In his free time, he works to restore the keep’s original stonework and fortify its already formidable defenses. He wears a jeweled ring and loves to gamble at the Stumbling Giant – or did until Lord Drysdale forbid members of the guard patronizing the Tavern.

Stark has recently come into some money, although almost no one is aware of where or how. Rumors abound that, with his skill at stonework, he found a long-forgotten secret chamber filled with long lost treasure.

Stark, Captain of the Guard

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