Ronnik, Banker

Short, Slim and wiry with a neatly trimmed goatee and black hair.


A sign on the shop states clearly that this place is under direct protection of the KEEP, and there is always a man-at-arms in chain mail with long bow and sword watching the place from tower.

Here anyone can change money or gems for a 10% fee. The banker will also keep a person’s wealth stored safely at no charge if it is left for at least one month, otherwise there is a 10% fee. Loans at an interest rate of 10% per month can be obtained for up to 5 gold pieces with no security deposit; over 5 gold pieces requires some item of at least twice the value of the loan.

Unpaid loans are recovered by selling the collatoral. At present, the following items are for sale:

1 carved ivory tusk – price 50 g.p.
1 silver cup – 20 g.p.
1 crystal decanter* – price 45 g.p. (actual worth 10 g.p.)
1 jade ring – price 250 g.p. (actual worth 400 g.p.)
1 dagger with jeweled scabbard – price 600 g.p.
1 fur-trimmed cape – price 75 g.p.
3 blank vellum books – price 20 g.p. each
1 gold & silver belt – price 90 g.p.
1 set of thief’s tools – price 100 g.p. (actual worth 35 g.p.)
1 iron box with secret lock – price 50 g.p.


Ferdinand Ronnik is short, slim, and wiry. He keeps a neatly trimmed goatee and has black hair. He
is a retired human adventurer who decided to pursue his fortune by taking an economic, rather than physical, risk.

In addition to Ferdinand, there are usually two other employees in the shop: A guard (plate, battleaxe and crossbow) and a scribe.

Ronnik, Banker

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