The Swamp

Not much action, a bit of background.

The party headed further up from beneath the keep, favoring caution over greed and choosing not to wade into the water to look for any treasure the Naga might have left behind. But not before skinning both the giant snake and the naga.

Heading up from the snakes and naga, the party found a giant spider engaged in combat with several small rat-men. Choosing to watch rather than engage, they saw the rat-men drive the spider down a side passage and flee (leaving several of their number behind on the floor of the cavern).

Continuing on, the party encountered several Keep guards who appeared quite surprised to see adventurers emerging from “the keep’s basement”. After waiting while the Captain of the Guard was summoned, the party questioned about how they got down there (“from the temple”) and what they found (“snake men and naga”). The Captain asked specifically about whether they found a tomb and, upon being told that they had found a sarcophagus asked what treasure they found with it, confiscating the large gold coins (which had been on the bodies eyes) when they were revealed.

Above ground, the party told the Curate of the temple (who was surprised to learn of the connection to the Keep) what had happened and arranged to have armor made from the snake skin.

The party returned to their rooms to rest and divide up the loot (33 gp each base, 30 gp if converted to ‘real’ currency).

The next day Astra (Kayla) was gone. Acting on the information Apus was able to give themm, the party headed back out to the Evil Shrine in the temple where they found Astra had returned the items to the altar and was waiting – ready to defend them if necessary.

After knocking Astra unconscious and tying her up, the party used radiant magic to blast the evil relics to bits and took Astra back to town, where she shortly regained her senses.

While waiting for the armor to be ready, the party heard two potentially interesting bits of information:

1) Something was rumored to have emerged from the tunnels beneath the keep and have killed a couple of Keep guards. One of those either dead (or missing – the rumors conflict on this point) was rumored to be the Captain of the guard.

2) The two acolytes who had been with the murdered ‘jovial good priest of Rune, Renaldo’ had both left town.

While they waited for the armor to be ready, the party decided to investigate the home of the murdered priest. They initially found little of interest – until someone noticed that there was an empty chest with a) some flakes of dried paint (light blue) inside and b) a trapdoor hidden beneath it. Heading down into the basement beneath the trapdoor revealed that the basement of the ‘jovial, good priest of Rune’ was an altar to the same evil god worshipped by the red robed priests found in the Caves of Chaos.

Once the snakeskin armor was ready, the party set off following the two acolytes. Their trail led out of town – and into the swamp – and eventually two a large statue of a man battling a giant snake. After figuring out how to open the hidden entrance beneath the statue, the party fought the two acolytes and a half-dozen undead skeletal figures before finding the missing chalice from the temple (in a bag, with it’s magic somehow dampened), a magical buckler and a magical mace (which could fire spikes out of the head) and a secret door in the back of the crypt – which led to an underground complex – complete with waiting room furnished with two couches and a marble table. And a magic mouth spell:

Welcome invited guests to my home, laboratory, and study. Please be patient while one of my acolytes comes to show you to my current location. Along the way you may pass by strange and wondrous oddities so please follow my servants carefully as to not wander off of safe passage. If for some reason you are not an invited guest and have violated my inner sanctum, then turn back now.

Exploring a bit further, the party found a room with three firepits, a magical dagger, and a Gelatinous Cube.

Experience: I haven’t added it up yet…

Loot: Buckler, Mace, Dagger. xx gold, yy silver.



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