The Chaos Halls

Chaos? I'll jump right in!

The party decided to explore the halls a bit further.

The party determined that there were several passages which were blocked by huge stone blocks.

They encountered a small mechanical man who demanded to know why their names weren’t in his ancient and decaying appointment book and insisted that they wait while he left to ask how to deal with the party. The party left the room and continued exploring. When they later saw him in a side passage heading back towards the room, Dmitri and Brian sprinted back to the room while the remainder of the party fought a small group of priests and acoyltes bearing the symbols of the same god as the shrine in the caves of chaos who were following him. Having taken the time to add their own names to a still intact page of the book, Brian and Dmitri convinced him that they belonged there.

They found a large room with Tziphal, Lord of Stone inscribed over the archway. Inside was a Dracolisk statue, surrounded by three lizardmen and seven human statues. As soon as Brain entered the room, the Dracolisk and Lizardman statues became flesh and started to move. When Brian left the room, the Dracolisk and the Lizardmen returned to their places and became stone. The party lassoed a human statue and pulled it from the room; using their Stone-to-flesh elixer (found on the Medusa long ago and since forgotten) they restored him to life and learned that he was a priest and had been involved in a war against ‘the scaled empire’ over 200 years ago. The party pulled the remainder of the humans from the room, and broke the lizarmen statues before moving on.

The party explored a small laboratory, finding a scroll, a potion (which made Apus feel younger when he tasted it), and two magical ceramic disks with AZENTALE inscribed upon them. Speaking the word changed the disks to make them very light and fragile – but nothing appeared to happen when one of them was dropeed and shattered.

The party found a large pool of multicolored swirling water and the inscription (in an unknown language): Do you Dare to Bask in the All-Changing Waters of Chaos. Clearly the answer was yes, as one by one the party took a dip in the pool – all being changed in some way. Will’s familiar and Apus changed gender; Brian’s character gained a small boost in his Constitution; Dmitri became temporarily unlucky (penalty to all saves) while Mike gained insight into his opponents actions (advantage on melee attacks). Will’s character was unaffected (he would have been healed if he had been injured) and Victor gained the ability to cast a Cure Superior Wounds once only.

The party next found a portal with a Green gem over the arch. As they debated what to do, the Gem turned Blue. While the gem was blue, Will’s Owl familiar, Dmitri and Brian stepped through the portal. Will no longer had contact with familiar. The others, deciding caution was called for, left to further explore the halls.

At this point – since the parties are not yet fully aware of what happened – the narrative end.

What is actually known to the characters (as opposed to the players) is this: At the end of the session those who did not go through the portal were heading back to the entrance when suddenly Will regained contact with his Owl. The Owl informed will that she, Dmitri, Brian and someone else were apparently trapped in a thirty by thirty room with no exits.

15 gold
30 silver
1 Gem (Sarodnyx, 50gp)
Red Potion
Scroll (Misdirection, Blur, Fog Cloud)
Ceramic Disc



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