With Brian and Dmitri trapped in a small room behind one of the stone blocks, the rest of the party attempted to figure out how to raise the rest of the stone blocks. Deciding that randomness was as good a system as any, Victor started choosing holes at random. Fortunately, the mechanism in number 6 was faulty because when he tried that one a blade, intended to slicing off his arm, the blade jammed. Continuing the random approach, Victor eventually found the correct handle and raised the block which trapped Brian and Dmitri, determining that handles 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 were the ‘correct’ ones.

With Brian and DMitri freed, the party decided to pay a return visit to the Feather-headed snake (and Yeti skeletons) and headed back through the (blue) portal. After a brief (but somewhat painful) battle with a giant bug-thing (Remorhaz) the party decided not to investigate its cave and pushed on. Reaching the ice castle, the party decided to take a break and rest in the foyer of the castle (reasoning it was warmer their than outside in the wind and safer than in the bug’s cave).

While the party was attempting to rest, the door to the main castle opened up and the feather-headed snake (Frost Naga) was there, surrounded by her retinue of animated yetis. The party explained that they were there to find a way to free her – and negotiated a reward of much of her horde in exchange for doing so. Upon learning that the Naga had been ‘cursed’ (enchanted?) and forced to guard the castle by someone known only as Belzir a couple of centuries before – and that Belzir had made the ceramic disc they had been hauling around – the party decided to try to use the disc to free the Naga.

With the Naga freed, the lower rooms of the castle were empty, so the party claimed their treasure and returned to town (after resetting the stone that had come down to block their exit a(and thus restoring the stone that blocks the portal).

In town, the party learned that someone or something had smashed its way into the Guildhouse and destroyed taken a lantern marked with skulls which had been placed there by Astra. Paying a visit to the Temple, they returned the chalice and (after threatening and harassing the priests) accepted their reward of 50 pp.

Ignorting (or perhaps fleeing) the rumors that a headless figure had been seen stalking the streets at night, the party decided to move on to a more exciting locale and set out on the six day journey to the port city of Bastion.

Four days later, the party noticed some small fires off t the side of the road. Brian snuck out to investigate and discovered a small force (30+) of orcs camped a little ways off the road. The party pushed on towards town – cautiously -and reported their sighting to the guards when they arrived.

Once the party arrived in town, they split up to find separate lodging, with Brian and Dmitri attempting to take their chances with the lonely and desperate women of Bastion, Victor taking lodging at his temple and the rest finding rooms in one of the many inns in town.

Total Loot
1200 gp
Mace (Glacier – Advantage and doubled weapon damage against elemental fire creatures)



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