Caves of Chaos 6

Ask not for whom the bell tolls....

Present: Astra (Kayla), Apus (Joe), Dorlin (Mike H.), Sorlina (Sara H.), Victor (Mike P.), _____? (Dmitri), ______? (Will).

Evil Temple/ Undead area.

Temple with shifting wall, large bell, three altars, throne and ivory chairs (with gems). Side room full of undead including undead Ogre. Ogre greased, Throne and chairs defaced.

Storage room with Gelatinous Cube. Apus engulfed. Oil of Etherealness used to get out of Gelicube and to quickly explore the area.

Crypt room with Wight.

Secret door leads to room with a bunch of Gnolls.

Burned several purple tapestries with evil images.

Experience: 492
6 pp, 6 gp, 7 ep, 7 sp,* 6 cp (10 gp each, 9 gp each if converted).

  • Longsword (magical) Magical Crossbow (Astra/ Kayla)?
  • Scroll: Protection from undead – who has this?
  • Bejeweled Silver Dagger (value ~50 gp) – who has this?
  • Demonic Idol (value unknown; Eyes (gems) 10 gp each – what are you doing with this?
  • Throne and Chair gems: 21 @ 10 gp each – selling or splitting as gems (3 each)?
  • Ivory taken from Chairs – what are you going to do with this?



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