Beneath The Temple

Ghoulish and Ghastly

The party was asked to help the Chapel solve a mystery. First, a relic (chalice) was stolen from the preparation room, then two bodies disappeared (first that of the cultist prisoner, second that of the priest Renaldo).

After some investigation the party found a trapdoor which they pried open (although there appeared to be a mechanism of some type connected to the altar, they could not determine its purpose).
Beneath the trapdoor were a series of caverns occupied by some ghasts and ghouls. Further exploration revealed the tomb of Shemnoata (a pirate?) and (in another section of the caverns) an ancient treasure chest.
After killing the ghouls and ghasts, the party beheaded the corpse and tossed the head into the shaft, later following it themselves to investigate the depths.

Question: Did you recover the ropes you left behind to help with the return? What did you do with the bodies of the prisoner and/or the cultist? Are you taking all of the loot with you (and is the dwarf just carrying everything because that’s what dwarves are good for – or if not, who has what?)

Experience: 300 each
Loot (total):

  • 110 (true) gp for bounties and map making – this has already been divided among you by Joe/Apus at 22 gp each.
  • The Pool: Gold Armband (worn by Astra)
  • Wine Room: Rotting Leather Pouch (18 gp, 15 sp), Pair of Bone dice with gold pips, Gem (amythyst) encrusted shield
  • Treasure Chest: 55 gp, 200 sp, tiny wooden jewelry box studded with coral (holds 12 agates and 1 pearl), Rapier (magical) in a worn leather sheath decorated with three skulls.
  • The Shaft: Silver urn with a bit of red sand/ dust; Two rusting rapiers, Dagger in a rotting leather sheath, two human skulls (lower jaws missing), folded rotting flag with skull design, and a large black book, and two large gold coins with a skull design on both sides (were on the corpse in the sarcophagus) – Which of this stuff did you guys take?



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