The campaign takes place on the continent of Isyrn (the ‘new world’). Isyrn is a vast unexplored continent covered with endless forests, vast swamps and immense mountains – and no evidence of significant ‘civilization’. In short (in the eyes of the Elisant empire) a boundless source of resources waiting to be claimed.

This is the second attempt to colonize the continent. A bit over two hundred years ago, the nation of Vilar also colonized Isyrn. However, after twenty-some years of growth and prosperity, the entire colony, consisting of a half-dozen cities and thousands of residents, was destroyed quickly and apparently without warning. There were no survivors – people who later returned found the cities burned and empty with no sign of the former colonists.

The colony currently consists of the port city of Bastion and three inland Keeps. So far, no real resistance has been met – simply primative tribes of humanoids who seem more interested in squabbling amongst thenselves than in bothering with the colonists. No native humans or halflings have been seen, although there are some Dwarves living the the mountains and reports of tribal Elves living within the forest.

The Keep was built on the site of an old Vilar fortress, the rubble from the former walls and buildings having been filled in to create the new foundation. The area surrounding the keep is dominated by hills and forests, with a range of mountains a couple of days travel to the north. Of particular intest, however, is The Scar – a deep vally carved into the hills. A wide variety of humanoids (goblins, orcs, kobolds and gnoll) all appear to live within this valley in relative peace, despite traditional enmity between them. The source of this unnatural detente is unknown.


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